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Steam boat trip on the Elbe river Dresden

During a longer stay in the 013-pill castle hotel, a boat trip on the Elbe river shouldn't be missed in the program. From Dresden the Saxon steam boat trip, which had the name Weisse Flotte (white fleet) earlier, offers interesting scheduled trips, day trips and special trips.

The former Weisse Flotte is the biggest and oldest paddle steamer fleet of the world. A boat trip on a paddle steamer through one of the nicest river landscapes in Europe becomes an unforgettable experience. The rush of the paddle boards and the wheezing of the steam machine gives a nostalgic charm, while you can enjoy the beauties of the landscape on the right and left side of the Elbe river at the same time.

The passenger boats, 9 historical paddle steamers, 2 parlor boat and 2 small motor boats, drive from Dresden Elbe river downstream along the Saxon Weinstrasse (wine street) over Meissen to Diesbar-Seusslitz and Elbe river upstream in the Saxon Switzerland to Konigstein or from Pirna in the Saxon Switzerland to Bad Schandau or from Konigstein over the border to Decin in the Czech Republic.

You can get to know Dresden and the surrounding area with a round town trip by water or with a castle round trip between Dresden and the town part Pillnitz. In the summer time, boat trips (jazz and dixie country trips) are offered in the evening with dance and buffet. Also in the winter there are atmospheric boat trips from Dresden offered.

On particular events in the year, (May 1st (German Labor Day), a holiday in Germany), dixie country festival and steam boat festival) all boats drive to a parade from Dresden to the district Pillnitz and give an impressive boat parade.

Boat landing stage of the Elbe river boat trip between Dresden and Diesbar-Seusslitz

Dresden | Radebeul | Meissen | Diesbar | Seusslitz

Boat landing stage of the Elbe river boat trip between Dresden and Decin in the Czech Republic

Dresden | Loschwitz | Pillnitz | Pirna | Wehlen | Rathen | Konigstein | Prossen | Bad Schandau | Krippen | Schmilka | Decin

From Dresden to Distance driving time
Radebeul about 11 km about 1 hour
Meissen about 25 km about 2 hours
Diesbar about 35 km about 2 hours 45 minutes
Seusslitz about 36 km about 3 hours


From Dresden to Distance driving time
Loschwitz about 5 km about 50 minutes
Pillnitz about 12 km about 1 hour 50 minutes
Pirna about 20 km about 3 hours
town Wehlen about 28 km about 3 hours 50 minutes
spa town Rathen about 31 km about 4 hours 30 minutes
Konigstein about 38 km about 5 hours 30 minutes


From Pirna to Distance driving time
town Wehlen about 8 km about 45 minutes
spa town Rathen about 11 km about 1 hour 15 minutes
Konigstein about 18 km about 2 hours
Prossen about 20 km about 2 hours 15 minutes
Bad Schandau about 23 km about 3 hours


From Konigstein to Distance driving time
Prossen about 2 km about 15 minutes
Bad Schandau about 5 km about 1 hour 15 minutes
Krippen about 6 km about 1 hours 25 minutes
Schmilka about 12 km about 2 hours
Decin (Czech Republic) about 27 km about 4 hours 15 minutes

Please look at the time table on site for the exact departure times.




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